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This course will survey the historical, literary, cultural and theological heritage of ancient Israel from its earliest beginnings to the end of the Old Testament period. It situates the Old Testament within its broader socio-political and historical context. Special attention will be given to the geographical and historical contexts within which the Old Testament arose. Following the broader outline of the Hebrew Bible itself, the course will cover the primeval and patriarchal periods, the exodus, conquest and monarchic traditions, the prophetic literature, the exile and post-exilic periods. It will also survey the Writings and selected apocryphal books. Contemporary social concerns are mainstreamed throughout the course.

The course is designed to explore the development of Theology as a field of study and the purpose for such a study, concentrating in the Doctrine of God and Creation. A special emphasis will be placed on how historical developments of these doctrines have influenced the trajectory of modern theology and thus the way we ‘do’ theology today.

This course is a study of the theology of the proclaimed word, with an emphasis on the knowledge and skills needed to preach in a liturgical context.  Thus, it presents a biblical understanding of the ministry of preaching, while also learning a stage-by-stage explanation of how preachers think as they prepare to preach. Students learn the crucial steps in constructing a biblical sermon. It seeks to assist students to consider the theological rationale for the ordering of the service and to develop the order of the service accordingly.


This course is designed to enable students to reach their full academic potential by providing them with, or enhancing their academic skills and academic proficiencies required at the tertiary level. Additionally, vocational skills can be enhanced by improving the students’ understanding of the communication situation, the components of a good speech and techniques for effective delivery.

The course is designed to enable students to develop their use of both written and spoken English by providing them with the necessary tools to manage their studies and to become confident in their use of good, correct and persuasive language; both written and spoken. The ability to write good, persuasive essays is paramount.