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The course includes introduction of the students to research methodologies, theoretical frame/framework as well as the research design. The course also introduces students to the different approaches/methods of conducting research and how to write a research Proposal. It explores the nature of theological reflection and introduces students to the idea of “thinking theologically” about various topics and issues they encounter both in academic study and in the practice of ministry. The course also enables students to write coherently as they are introduced to the coherent thinking of their research Proposals in which they are encouraged to write according to acceptable academic standards. At particular intervals presentation seminars and cohorts might be necessary for the evaluation of the students‟ progress in terms of understanding the research proposal writing.

Part I provides models of leadership and community found in the Old Testament rooted in the covenant God made with Israel. Law, Prophecy and historical and poetical Writings provide both positive and negative examples of theocratic leadership for God’s people. Part II examines Jesus, Paul and Acts as providing models of leadership and community for the kingdom of God and the new people of God embracing all humanity. Jesus was both prophet in the OT tradition and more than a prophet, Messiah but more than messiah, priest but more than a priest. Paul was both a model to be imitated and a community builder in new and expanding cultural horizons. Acts provides a seamless narrative picture of the growth and ordering of that community from Jesus to Paul to his own community, but also understates and smooths over the difficulties and tensions faced by the first Christian communities. Yet these tensions surface on close reading and can help the church today to explore resources to cope with the same problems. None of these OT and NT texts can be used without understanding their own context, our own very different and distant context as African Christians, and the needs of Christian communities for leadership today.